It seems abnormal to see a man with grown breasts. Just like the ladies look odd when they have beards. Gynecomastia comes as a result of excessive growth of gland and tissue. From the physiological approach, there is no defect. In fact, no pain is experienced by men having it. The affected bit is the social life. Once you hear from the victims of the condition, you will be able to see the sense of getting rid of gynecomastia. Assume that it was you especially if you are a man. There is so much that people would be talking about you. At some time, people say that the victims here have women genes and are not complete men. Self-confidence and the social life are both ruined as a result of such insults. The thought of the victim being an exceptional among other men is the main cause for low self-esteem. It is not a condition to worry about however because there are treatments available and you are not alone perhaps. According to studies, a significant percentage of men in every country have it.


The fact that a man has enlarged breasts doesn’t make him a candidate for gynecomastia. There are many other causes of breast enlargement. These can be due to mixed gynecomastia or other chronic diseases like cancer. The assumption should be clear for everybody to understand that gynecomastia in not just any other big breasts in men. True gynecomastia is caused by gland growth or breast tissue being excessive. Gynecomastia is visible in males in three lifetimes. When one is a baby, a teenager and a grown up man. The growth however is normal to the biggest percentage of men. Some others however have abnormal breast development.Check this site for more information on how to get rid of gynecomastia.

Difference in breast enlargement

Those who are looking forward to get rid of gynecomastia have different conditions that necessitate treatment. Some will be mild while others will be just like the ones for the ladies. Not every gynecomastia condition will be similar to the other. It will appear in different grades and levels depending on individuals. The size and the breast feminization are factors that vary the breast enlargement in men. The condition severity is another factor that brings the difference. This is why some will be visible while others will be not easily visible.

Causes of gynecomastia

Big breasts are a thing of the ladies. There has to be something abnormal with the men having these breasts. The main cause of it is the genetics. This is where the victim men have some feminine genes that lead to them having the female features. Hormone estrogen is the main contribution of gynecomastia. Men with the condition have this hormone in a dominant state. Other minor causes of it include drug abuse, certain medication, exposure to radiations and consumption of estrogen supportive foods for long. Avoiding such causes will translate to a gynecomastia free life.